In the year 2020

A fret in every heart, a thought in every mind
Can’t we just pause the time and let the past rewind!?

Are we living an intense flick, or is this for real!
Cause all of this just doesn’t feel surreal

The intrinsic truth is here on the surface
With a sheer drastic change for us to embrace

I often sit perplexed and ponder,

“Will this soon become a tale to be narrated
Or a whole new way of living has the destiny unfolded

Not only the poor, but also the rich
Startled by this inescapable reality which
Has put away the ‘evolved apes’ back in a cage
And the entire world today is on the same page

Roads are now deserted
Places that once were fancy, now look haunted
Strays on the streets are now barely fed
For it’s the mankind that’s paying its karmic debt

Adding some fright to the existing frown
An unforeseen turn does take the lock-down
Sealed houses with the sapiens inside
And found its way here, has the urban wild

This is a fight, not ever fought before
One to be battled by staying behind the door
Every being on the Earth is scared yet bold
And the ‘real heroes’ out there, have their hearts made of Gold

Somewhere, someone is away from home
Stuck all alone, trying to earn a living for their own
With the consequences still not known
A wait so long, for the great tussle to be won

Amidst this silent storm is, a fragile mother’s core
When she loses her child with a feeling so sore
How tough would it be for a woman like her
Whose child was the sole reason she lived her life for

Workers walk back home for endless miles
Half covered faces and hidden smiles
As dusks fall and dawns rise
Wondering if it’s a curse, or a grace in disguise

Yet, the nature’s way of restoring itself is sublime
Lush greenery and clear skies are just divine!
After every rain, they say, the sun shall shine
So, oh, dear friend, let’s live for one day at a time

Never had the kids enjoyed an overlong holiday
Never had we heard of a paid summer vacay
With a brand new recipe being prepared each day
Homes are now joy-filled in every possible way

Indeed there be a brighter side to every story
The future’s no way certain, don’t you worry
Soon before all of this converts to history
Do make the most of it alongside your family

Ample time with us to find a new hobby
Relishing this relentless summer from inside our lobby
Eyeing the globe become a better place in the meantime
Let’s live in the moment, as there may not be a next time

While these be the little big things for us to feel grateful
Also awaking to yet another rise in the deaths is distressful
Despite the nation undergoing an irreparable loss
The drop in crime implies, this pandemic is for a virtuous cause

Together we shall sail through our voyage against Covid
For generations to come, the memory of it shall remain vivid
Although a lesson’s being learnt the hard way
But after every night what comes, is a brighter day

A vow is to be made this quarantine
For now and ever, to keep our planet pristine
Gazing at the night skies, filled with stars
Why not tell ourselves, this too shall pass!”

Immense peace and the rural tranquility
Felt in every corner of the modern vicinity
And thus moved by realisations aplenty
I hereby conclude my poem, ‘In the year 2020’